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Anti Pulsation Pressure Gauge
APDS Series

Pressure Gauges with severe pusation easily get damaged, have difficulty in reading pressure. Using pulsation dampners or snubbers is an option but majority snubbers donot work where severe pulsation is present. The new Adarsh APDS Series Anti Pulsation Pressure Gauge is designed for such applications where there is severe pulsation. The unique design dampens the pulsation and makes for a better pointer reading and at that same time enchances the life of the gauge. Further there is no need of glycerin filling which is prone to leakages. The gauges are also protected from sudden pressure surges or spikes which are a major reason for gauge damage.

Anti Pulsation Pressure Gauge
Features :

* Dampens Severe Pulsation
* Makes Gauge Reading Easy
* Enhances gauge life
* No Glycerin Filling Required
* Protects from sudden pressure spikes
* Works where Pulsation Dampners Fail !

Inquire Now :
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Specifications :

Dial Size : 4" / 6"
Case & Ring : SS304 IP67
Range :  0-1 bar upto 400 bar
Accuracy :  +/- 1% FSD
Wetted Parts : SS316

Applications :

For Applications with Severe Pulsation.
Process Industries, Food & Pharma, Hygenic Applications, Marine, Refrigeration , OEM equipments.