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Anti Vibration Pressure Gauge
Adarsh MXT Series

Applications with severe vibration may damage a pressure gauge beyond repair by damaging the internal parts particularly the movement, makes pointer reading difficult, may even through off the the gauge bezel. The Adarsh MXT Series Anti Vibration Gauge is specially designed by Adarsh Industries Mumbai, to sustain heavy vibration. The antivibration spring absorbs all the vibrations and enhances the gauge life considerably. Typical applications include on motors, pumps, marine application, diesel engines, hydraulic equipments and any such equipmensts which are prone to heavy vibration. Many times the solution provided is to make a panel to isolate the gauge from vibration however in this case the gauge has to be distanced from the point where actual indication is required. However the Adarsh MXT Series makes it is easy to mount the gauge at the point of vibration itself. The antivibration spring is also seperately available as an attachment with connections as per required. Please consult us for more details at

Anti Vibration Pressure Gauge
Features :

* Absorbs Vibration
* Makes Pointer Reading Easy
* No need to isolate gauge to distant place.
* Enhances gauge life Considerably
* No need to replace gauge again and again
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Specifications :

Dial Size : 2-1/2" / 4" / 6"
Case & Ring : SS304 IP67
Range :  0-1 bar upto 1000 bar
Accuracy :  +/- 1% FSD
Wetted Parts : SS316
Movement : SS304
Spring : Spring Steel Material
Window : Plexiglass / Toughened Glass

Note: Not advisable for liquids with Solid particles. Additional Diaphragm Seal Recommended for such gauges.

Applications :

For Applications with Severe Vibration like motors, pumps, compressors, hydraulic equipments, marine, diesel engines etc.
Process Industries, Food & Pharma, Hygenic Applications, Marine, Refrigeration , OEM equipments.