Draft Gauge
DR Series

4 Rectangle Size: 150 x 78 mm & 200 x 104 mm
4 Vertical or horizontal Dial Orientation
4 Brass or SS Capsule (sensing element)
4 Fabricated Steel Stove Enameled Black Case
4 Connection ¼” bsp (M) or as required
4 Flush Panel Back Entry
4 Range: 0 to 25mmwc upto 6000mmwc
4 Compound ranges: -25 to + 25mmwc upto -300 to +300mmwc

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Draft Pressure Gauges.........................................................DR


Low Pressure Measurement of Gaseous Media from 25mmwc upto 6000mmwc

4How to Inquire:

Send you inquiry with details like :
Size: 105 x 78 mm or 200 x 104 mm
pressure range: any std. range from above
thread connection: 1/4" or 3/8" or 1/2" bsp or npt
orientation: vertical or horizontal
application media or any other special requirements you have.

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draft gauge
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Draft Gauges are used for low pressure measurement from ranges -25mmwc to 0 upto 6000mmwc.

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