Duplex Pressure Gauges
EX Series

4 100mm (4") Dial Size
4 Bottom Direct Mount, Bottom Panel Mount, Bottom Surface Mount
4 SS304 Case and Ring IP65
4 SS316/Brass Working Parts
4 Double Pointer: Black & Red
4 1/4" or 3/8" or ½” bsp/npt x 2 ports
4 Dry or Liquid Filled (Glycerin or Silicon)
4 Accuracy ±1% F.S.D.

Pressure Range Selection

Single Scale

in kg/cm2 or bar       

Pressure          Compound Ranges
0-1                   -1x1.5
0-2.5                -1x3
0-4                   -1x5
0-6                   -1x9
0-10                 -1x15
0-16                 -1x24

Also Available for Refrigeration Ammonia R717 and Freon R12 / R22 / R502 / R404a / R134a

4How to Inquire:

Send you inquiry with details like
dial size:             4" (100mm)
pressure range:   any from above ranges
connection:       1/4" or 3/8" or 1/2" bsp or npt x 2 ports
mounting:          Bottom Direct Mount or Bottom Panel Mount or Bottom Surface Mount
filling:                 Dry or liquid filled
or any other special requirements you have.

Send Email to 4 sales@adarshpressuregauge.com or 4Click here to send inquiry by online form  Or Call +91-22-29275496 Fax +91-22-29275558

For Inquiry CALL +91-22-29275496
Email: sales@adarshpressuregauge.com
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Duplex Pressure Gauges have double pointers and double connections. Pressure from two lines can be measured on a single pressure gauge. One black pointer indicates pressure of one line and red pointer indicates pressure of other line. The gauges are glycerin filled for optimum use.

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