ADARSH Freon Pressure Gauges are widely used in Refrigeration Plants and Commercial Refrigeration Applications.


4 Available in both Standard and Stainless Steel Versions
4 Dial size 63mm (2 ½”), 100mm (4”)
4 Dry or liquid filled
4 1/8” npt or 3/8" bsp connection or other as required
4 Mounting: Bottom Direct, Bottom Surface, Back Direct, Back Panel, Back Clamp
4 Dial Scales with R-12, 22, 502A, R-134A, R404a temp. readings

Pressure Ranges

All pressure ranges are with temperature scales for R12 / R22 / R134a / R502 / R404a / R134a freon gases.

-30x150 psi          
-30x300 psi
0x300 psi
0x500 psi

-1x9 bar
-1x12 bar
-1x15 bar
-1x25 bar

-760mmhg x16 kg/cm2
-760mmhg x25 kg/cm2

4How to Inquire:

Send you inquiry with details like
Dial size:              63mm (2 ½”), 100mm (4”) 
Pressure range:    Any standard range from above
Thread Size:        1/8" npt or 3/8" bsp or other as required
Mounting:            Bottom Direct or Bottom Surface or Back Direct or Back Panel or back Clamp
Refrigerant:          R12 / R22 / R134a / R502 / R404a / R134a

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